Scary Happenings!!!

October 28, 2010

You know what’s really scary? I completely forgot it was Halloween this weekend! Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but it helps to explain all the horror movies, ghost hunting shows and scantily clad nurses, police officers and devils I’ve seen around town.

I guess I should probably start deciding what I’ll dress up as, for “trick or treating”. Simply going as a Woodworker is no longer cutting it in my neighborhood. MAYBE A PIRATE???

While I’m trying to figure out the costume this year I thought I’d repost a Halloween Show or two from the years past. They were a lot of fun to record and I have to admit the callers were a little strange, but then again, as I’ve always said…”There are no dumb questions!” apparently just interesting answers?

Please remember, these are pre-recorded shows, so if you hear your name called for winning schwag…well…you should already have it. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enter for our current schwag drawings. Just visit our giveaway page by CLICKING HERE!

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  1. Woodcanuck says:

    Too funny…you’re a sick sick man Matt…

    …which is probably why we keep tuning in. 🙂

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