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December 13, 2010

This year is flying by faster than before!!! So I better make this announcement and give everyone a heads up before I let it slip past me once again. The schwag drawing for the month of December is being postponed and combined with the January 2011 drawing.

Why? A couple of good reasons (good in my head at least):

1. 2010 is turning out to be a crazy busy year and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. So to do the drawing right I want to make sure everything is in place!
2. January 2011 is the 5th Anniversary of Matt’s Basement Workshop Podcast and I’m putting together a massive big blowout drawing so I want as many schwag items as I can get to THANK ALL OF YOU for making that possible!

I’m still begging and pleading with manufacturers and retailers for even more donations, but here’s a few of the names you probably already recognize and a couple more that have been added to the list.

Make sure you get signed up for the combination Dec/Jan/Anniversary Schwag Bonanza by visiting the sign-up page here at The same rules apply as before…except this time, you can enter your name in December and then come back in January and do it all over again…DOUBLING YOUR CHANCES!!!

Just click on the links on our homepage that lead you directly to the schwag sign up page!

I’ll update you as it gets closer to the drawing and as new donations come on board, not to mention I’ll provide more details as to who’s donating what specifically.

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