Scott Meek Hand Plane Classes Starting Soon

January 8, 2013

As the years go by I’m seeing more and more talented and amazing craftspeople throwing their hat into the online ring and coming up with new ways to teach others how to build and create projects and ideas they probably thought would never be possible without leaving their own homes.

Imagine taking a “build your own wooden bodied hand plane” class, taught by an instructor who not only builds them for his own shop but also makes and sells them rather successfully to others?

In other words, you have an opportunity to learn from someone who knows what works, what doesn’t and can walk you step-by-step through the process so you end up with your own fully functional hand plane to use on your next project.

Obviously I’m going somewhere with this…and that’s to point you towards the recently introduced Wood Body Plane Making Classes being offered by Scott Meek of Scott Meek Woodworks.

Scott Meek woodworking

picture courtesy

picture courtesy

Classes are scheduled to start in February 2013. They’ll be taught live, using the Hangout feature of Google+ and they’re limited to 4 students each. Each class will consist of four 2-3 hour sessions and between each session, there will be homework to accomplish. But at the end of the class, students will have an 8-11″ long smoothing plane which will open the doors to an entirely new level of woodworking.

And as Scott states on the website “There is nothing else like using a tool you made yourself to craft beautiful woodworking pieces.” I couldn’t agree more!

For more information on class schedules, openings, costs and so much more visit Scott’s website at

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  1. Scott Meek says:

    Thanks for spreading the news Matt!

  2. Nathan says:

    I’m in one of the test-run classes now. Immense fun, good instruction and, not only do I get a tool out of it to boot, but the knowledge to make a series of them for myself!

    So thanks to Scott for the class! I hope these class prove to be a success for him.

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