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December 2, 2014

It’s official, the holidays are here, there’s no more denying it!

And if you’re like so many of the woodworkers I know, you’re either using your time in the shop as an opportunity to escape from the chaos (same excuse you use the rest of the year…but definitely more valid this time) or playing Santa’s little helper and hurriedly making last minute projects for loved ones.

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If you’re one of the latter, than you either already have some projects in mind or you’re scouring the forums and blogs for ideas, and more than likely you’re really hoping they’re not expensive too.

Scrap wood is always a great source for some of these last minute projects. Their size usually guarantees they won’t take long to build. The stock is already acclimated to your shop.

If you’re holding on to them, chances are they’re from a gorgeous piece you just can’t bare to watch get tossed. And last but not least, they’re already bought and paid for…so the cost is low (let’s get serious, that’s probably the most important reason…right?)

Regardless of whether it’s around the holidays, or “just because,” scrap wood projects are a fun and creative way to spend time in the wood shop.

So for some great project ideas to use up that ever-growing stash of cut-offs checkout Scrap Wood City.

I already found a couple of project ideas that just might help me to burn through my own little stash.

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