Shannon wants your “Lumber stories”

November 12, 20140 Comments

Last week my Wood Talk co-host, and good friend, Shannon Rogers posted on Facebook that he was seeking a little help from the masses to compile information on visiting lumberyards.

Shannon Rogers of the Hand Tool School

Image courtesy of Shannon Rogers…not really…

In a nutshell he’s looking for tales of the good, the bad, and the WTF?!

Shannon’s Facebook request:
“Need some lumber stories. Bare your shame, voice your anger, and share your triumphs. I’m trying to assemble a baseline of common confusions, misunderstandings, frustrations, etc centered around a trip to the lumber yard or buying lumber in general.

You can expect a thorough video series that will hopefully address them all. I’m still not sure whether The Renaissance Woodworker will host it or J. Gibson McIlvain Company but it will be comprehensive and ideally eliminate some of the fear and frustration that comes with buying wood.

I’ll even throw in some plywood stuff. Ready? Go!”

We all have them, and I know to some degree or another we’ve already shared them with each other, but that’s no excuse not to dust them off and share again.

My own personal struggles have always centered around misunderstandings about the grading system, and determining boardfeet in material thicker than 4/4 (something I still wrestle with from time-to-time…but then I just ask Shannon, and when he stops laughing he explains it to me.)

So please take a moment to send your story to Shannon either by clicking on this link to send him an email, or head over to his Facebook page and leave a comment there.

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