Sneak Peek at November’s Schwag Giveaway

November 9, 2010

I’m always excited when a package gets dropped off on my front porch. I’m even more excited when the package is meant for me!

Back in the Spring, when the weather was really close to staying permanently warm, I received a nice little surprise when I came home from work one day. Sitting on the floor just inside the doorway was a package from Kreg Tools with MY NAME all over it.

As soon as I could drop my man-bag, I picked it up and ran down to the basement to open it up and see what goodies were sent for us to tryout in the shop. Of course (for the record) the whole time I was thinking of all of you too.

In fact!!! A number of you have been lucky recipients of some of the goodies in that box. But one item in particular was meant for me and was safely tucked away…until now.

I had every intention of breaking this tool out this summer and really giving it a good run on a number of projects, but the fact is, this summer was not meant to be one of accomplishing ANYTHING in the Vanderlist Household.

I was slightly derailed from working in the shop and woodworking projects had to take a backseat for a few months.

Fast forward to today and I’ve decided this poor thing has been neglected too long and needs a new home where it’ll be put use sooner than I can get to it. That…and I just love giving away cool things!!!

For the month of November, 2010 we’re giving away a Kreg Deck Jig to one lucky winner!

Deck Jig
I’m sure by now you’ve seen this new jig which allows you to securely fasten your deck boards without having the screw heads exposed. But that’s just one of the projects the Deck Jig can be used for.

It’s also a great alternative for projects such as benches, tables, swings and just about any of those outdoor (or indoor) projects where you want a slotted top attached to the base.

Of course we have more great items included the November Schwag Giveaway and I’ll share those next week. Just make sure you get entered soon, you don’t want to miss out on your opportunity to win great prizes like the Deck Jig. Get entered today by visiting our Schwag Sign-up page, CLICK HERE!

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