Sneak preview of “Mouldings in Practice”

July 27, 2012

Let me be one of the first people to tell you about Lost Art Press’ upcoming title “Mouldings in Practice”, scheduled to be released this August.


According to Lost Art Press’ co-founder Christopher Schwarz “Matt Bickford’s book, ‘Mouldings in Practice,’ sets out to remake the way you look at, cut and apply the mouldings to your projects.

It is quite unlike any other book we have ever encountered. Why? Bickford grapples with a core idea that has plagued woodworkers for generations: Cutting mouldings by hand requires years of practice, patience and the acquisition of high-level skills.

After reading this book, I think you will say: ‘Wow. That’s crap.’ “

For those of you who find yourself drawn more and more to working in the shop sans electricity, or cringe at loud and obnoxious whirling motors and spinning blades, this book sounds like it’ll be a great resource and inspiration for working with tools that bring a greater sense of satisfaction versus apprehension.

To whet your appetite and according to Lost Art Press “To kick-start your education in cutting mouldings…” they’re offering a free download of one chapter from “Mouldings in Practice.”

This freebie chapter discusses the basic principles of the book and downloading the chapter is simple, follow the link by clicking here.

You don’t have to register for anything at the website or even give your e-mail address.

 If you like the information and want more, you can order “Mouldings in Practice” with free domestic shipping!

Free shipping is valid only until the book arrives at the Lost Art Press warehouse sometime in early August. After that, you’ll have to pay regular shipping.

For more information on pre-ordering “Mouldings in Practice” visit Lost Art Press by clicking here.

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