Spoken Wood Podcast No. 102

February 8, 2011

Today’s episode was written and recorded for us by Steven Taylor of “The Taylor Garage” Weblog. It’s titled “Coffee Table Coffee Talk” and was originally posted July 20, 2010.

Steve emailed me about this post back in October of 2010 and said he had been inspired to write it after we featured George Walker’s post “The Dilemma of the Coffee Table” – July 12, 2010 Design Matters Weblog on Spoken Wood Podcast No. 75. I wondered if this ever might happen eventually and I’m secretly excited it has.

I had a chance to meet Steve at Woodworking in America 2010, where he spearheaded the exotic scrap & cutoff exchange. I managed to get some beautiful Purpleheart for myself as a result. Not bad for some exotic poplar I picked up off the floor in one of the clinics…oh wait, did I say that out loud?

To read more great posts like today’s, visit Steve’s weblog at www.taylorgarage.com.

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