Spoken Wood Podcast No. 112

March 15, 2011

Today’s episode was written by the editors of WOOD Magazine for the Beginner’s Techniques category at www.woodmagazine.com. It’s titled “Edge Banding Basics”.

To find more great online content, including woodworking tips for woodworkers from beginners to pros visit WOOD Magazine’s website at www.woodmagazine.com.

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  1. Tim Voellinger says:

    Matt, Love the content! I download from Itunes and listen to your podcasts on my commute. Thanks so much!

    However, in this particular spoken word podcast, you read the text word for word and usually this is fine, but in this case there were several references to a drawing to the right or left of the text. Everytime, I had to stop myself from looking to the left or right for the drawing, lol. You could improve these podcasts but not reading all references to drawings or photos. We don’t have them, unless you want to change the audio podcast to a video podcast and post the drawing of reference in the video at the appropriate time. That would be a bunch more work and probably defeat the quick, short purpose of the spoken words.

    Anyway, thanks for entertaining me and many others!

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