Spoken Wood Podcast No. 159

October 6, 2011

Today’s post was written by Christopher Schwarz for the Lost Art Press Blog. It’s titled “When Your Eyes Fail You” and was originally posted June 29, 2011.

Find more great posts like this, visit the Lost Art Press Blog at www.lostartpress.wordpress.com.

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  1. Neil says:

    Hi Matt……I’m trying to follow your Steve Taylor post on participation.

    Topics on the comparisons of the furniture industry to what the hobbyist can accomplish in meeting a markets demand just simply do not make sense to me.

    Here your contributor, a talented individual with an agenda that is focused on a belief that woodworking needs saving and the use of hand tools will lead the way. When in essence the real search is not in saving woodworking but rather in finding “furniture forms” that are appealing to the market.

    The furniture world is not turned upside down it’s the limited experimentation in searching for new furniture form. Heck the furniture design world is wide open to any individual who doesn’t limit themselves. Do we honestly believe that a single individual working in his garage shop can meet the demand of a hot new furniture form……no way, “demand” will “demand” the new form find a factory home.

    Agenda’s are just as limiting as factory furniture.

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