Spoken wood podcast no. 191

March 29, 2012

Today’s episode was written by Robert W. Lang for the Popular Woodworking Editors’ blog at Popularwoodworking.com and is read for us by guest host John Verreault. It’s titled “Tag team secret for graceful curves” and was originally posted October 28, 2011.

To read more great posts written by Robert and the rest of the editorial staff at Popularwoodworking.com, visit the Popular Woodworking Editors’ blog at www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/editors-blog.

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  1. John says:

    your voice dropped a couple of octaves!! LOL

    • Matt says:

      John I feel like a heel. I was getting everything ready for the posts and completely dropped the ball on giving credit where credit is do!

      I’m going back in soon to make sure people know who recorded this…it’s only right lol!

      • John says:

        No worries Matt. Please don’t apologize. I was only ribbing you. I just appreciate the opportunity to do the recordings—they are really a hoot to do. If you need more, please send them my way as I’m glad to help you out with the show. I think, though, I need to turn up my recording volume a bit (hell, knows that I definitely have that volume in person… lol).



        • Matt says:

          I’m more worried about when you stop winning schwag off the show and say I stole your recordings without credit LOL!!! Just kidding of course.

          I just want to make sure people have a chance to thank you for your contribution to the show, it really helps.

          Thanks again!

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