Spoken Wood Podcast No. 91

December 6, 2010

Today’s episode was written and recorded for us by Bob Roziaeski of the Logan Cabinet Shoppe website. It’s titled “Versatility or Specialization” and was originally posted September 18, 2008.

To read this post or many of the other great articles Bob has written, visit his weblog at www.logancabinetshoppe.com.

And while visiting Bob, make sure to checkout his podcast “Hand Tools and Techniques”, always a great watch!

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  1. Bobby Slack says:

    Specialized tools … I agree with this concept as a final goal. The challenge is the process from the beginning.
    I bought my first router (OF 1400 from Festool) based on the ease of changing bits and setup. I only had one router and spent a lot of time changing bits and doing the setup.
    Time passed and now I havve six. I approach the routers as a tool changer on a CNC machining center. When I am working on a project, I leave one router bit on the machine until the project is finished. This approach saved me a lot of time in setups.
    Probably the same goes for hand tools. Slowly I am buying Tom Nielsen his next home.

    The process …
    I guess the question is instead of buying a versatile tool.
    What do I want to accomplish? and buy a tool just for that.

    I totally agree with Bob.

    Great content as usual.. I always find value visiting this site.

    Thank you Matt.

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