Spoken Wood Podcast No. 11

February 14, 20101 Comment

Today’s episode is titled “Passing the torch” and was written and recorded by Todd Clippinger. This episode is a little unusual in that Todd doesn’t have a blog at his site, but he is an active member of the Lumberjock’s community and contributes frequently there. Both writing great blog entries on his profile page there and also answering and contributing to questions and discussions by other Lumberjock members.

To read this entry or any of the others Todd has at Lumberjocks you can find them at http://lumberjocks.com/toddc/blog or as we always do with all of our episodes I’ll have links for them in the shownotes to make it that much easier for you to find them. So on with the show!

As this episode was being posted I just heard from Todd that he’s started a new blog page, you can find it at http://www.americancraftsmanworkshop.com/

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  1. Marcus says:

    Hey. Thanks for this post. I cruise alot of blogs just to see what I can find. I liked this write up you did and was just wondering if you have a subscriber page so I can link to it so i can read it at a later date? I did not see one – am I just overlooking it?


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