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Spoken Wood Podcast

Welcome to the Spoken Wood Podcast a show dedicated to bringing to life the writings of some of my favorite woodworking bloggers on the internet. I don’t know about you, but I’m most inspired to do my best woodworking after I’ve read a great article in a magazine or online at one of the many, many blogs I follow.

Seeing what the authors have achieved. Reading about the steps and techniques they use successfully to reach the end results I’ve been desiring in my own projects (or have been convinced I couldn’t achieve) is inspiring. Stories of real-life situations, both comical and mundane, reminds us that no matter what our skill level in the shop is currently we’re not the only ones that have struggled with or sought to improve our woodworking abilities.

I’m a firm believer in learning by trying. It would be amazing if we could just pick up a tool and achieve the end results we desire on the first try, but that’s not the reality of the real world. Mastery only comes through failure and learning from that failure. But that doesn’t mean we have to do it alone.

We all wish we had someone who would take the time to teach us the skills and techniques we want for our projects, but for so many reasons that’s not always possible. So it’s up to us to seek out and find different ways to learn and discover those things we feel we need to know to improve ourselves. I can’t guarantee you’ll find everything you’ve been looking for in the coming episodes, but I will guarantee you’ll enjoy the show and will learn and discover something you didn’t know before or maybe something you never knew you wanted to know.

Many, many thanks to the contributors to the Spoken Wood Podcast without you, there’d be nothing. And with that said, I invite all of you the audience to visit their websites and subscribe to their blogs where you’ll find even more great articles and insights to this passion of woodworking we all share.

You’ll find links to their sites and relevant information in the shownotes for each episode. To find the shownotes for each episode, to listen online or to download individual episodes CLICK HERE.

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