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May 10, 20140 Comments

Sometimes when I’m writing the posts to go along with the content I forget to add links that I might mention in the videos. It’s not intentional I swear!

This time around I’ve once again forgotten to link to an important resource I keep mentioning in the bathroom cabinet build and that would be where I ordered the Stainless Steel shelf.

Because I have zero experience shaping and forming sheets of metal I went online looking for any manufacturers that either had pre-shaped sheets or were offering to do custom work at a reasonable price. There were a few out there but the one I went with, because they were extremely helpful, was

Logo courtesy

Logo courtesy

I’m sure I asked a number of ridiculous questions but they were very helpful in working with me to find just the right material and making sure it would perfectly in my design.

To get started, I visited Stainless Supply’s online metal sales page. I explained to them the final shape of the shelf, and that I was looking to get a “skin” that would wrap around it versus a solid piece of steel.

Within 24 hours after submitting my email one of their sales staff contacted me and asked some more questions about the dimensions (to make sure he could make the best recommendation), and he came back with the perfect solution.

While I had been thinking I would need to purchase a full sheet of stainless steel and figure out how I would bend it in my own shop, it turns out the best solution was to purchase a piece referred to as a “C-Channel” and then using their own design calculators on the page I was able to indicate the exact dimensions I would need and if necessary add an extra bend or two to customize it further.

In fact the sales person walked me through the entire process with the following email exchange:
…that would be what we call C-Channel as seen here: C-Channel.

Using the cost calculator on that link, Side A would be 15”, B would be ¾” and C would be 1”. The length would be 29”.

Also, this link ( lists are bend radii. So, with thinner material from 22 to 26 gauge, the bend radius is more sharp at 0.06” (1/16”). As you get thicker, the dies in our press break will cause larger bend radii.

I’d like to think the assistance I received was because they recognized who I was, but I’ve since been reminded…that’s all in my head by my family.

Once I received the skin, which fit perfectly with no need on my part to adjust anything, I adhered it to the shelf simply using CA glue and nothing more. The result is a perfect fit and it looks amazing. Thanks Stainless Supply!

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