Visiting with Steel City Tool Works and a little Q&A

December 13, 2013

I’m not sure if you saw it or not (even more not sure how you could have missed it if you ever checkout my Facebook page) but most of this week I was in Illinois hanging out the folks at Steel City Tool Works. You remember them, right?


They came on the market several years ago and really made waves with their line of granite-topped tools and some very cool features on their entire line-up and then it seemed like they just…went away…

Honestly I assumed this was because they realized my own shop was starting to fill with their tools (thanks to Highland Woodworking’s sponsorship) and they assumed this was the kiss of death. Thankfully that assumption is strictly my own and based in zero reality.

The truth is… well I won’t bore you with the details (also I didn’t get anything on the record either, but Chris Marshall over at Woodworker’s Journal sat down and talked with SCTW VP David Campagna, checkout the article by clicking here) so let’s just fast-forward to today and celebrate the reinvigoration of Steel City Tool Works and the announcement of their latest line of tools and remakes of their original classics!

Before I left their newly finished showroom and warehouse I sat down with SCTW Vice-President David Campagna to ask him a few questions sent to me by you via FB and Twitter.

Q. I’d love to hear about their 3-5 year strategic plan, and where they see the market growth opportunities in hobbyist woodworking?
Continue to innovate tools and to grow as a solid manufacturer.

Q. Any chance of new distributors in the Pacific Northwest? I only see one in Oregon and one in WA? I’m on the eastern side of WA so that makes it over a four hr. drive to see their tools.
SCTW is actively looking to expand into the west, adding more sales people to cover more areas.

Q. Any plans to begin selling in UK?
EUROPE yes! Slowly making their way over. The good news is that SCTW will be at the Cologne Germany International Hardware Tool Show in 2014.

Q. How have the granite TS tops been so far? Any issues that stand out?
The granite topped table saws have been about 60% of SCTW sales and they’re going really well! The durability of granite has never been issue with customers.

Q. Ever been in a Turkish prison?
David wasn’t allowed to answer this question by HR due to some international agreement?

Q. When will the new bandsaws be available?
The new 10″ & 12″ Blueline bandsaws are in stock right now at the usual SCTW distributors.

Q. Are they planning on coming out with a jointer/planer combo machine?
Combo machines are in discussion with customers right now (there was a prototype of a smaller model on the floor during my visit).

Q. Any discussion of a CNC machine?
Yes, there is discussion of CNC machines on the radar.

That was all the time I had to talk with David and the crew and then it was back home to the basement workshop. But if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or to ask them directly by visiting their website at and using their contact information.

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  1. Michael Baron says:

    Sounds like the 3 days was quite an experience. In your other steel city blog you mentioned customer created content and I think you hit the new way of marketing on the head. Marketing now boils down to customer engagement. We want to read a dozen opinions about a product before we make the plunge. I personally love to hear about the disaster that arrived and how the company went out of their way to fix it. Thanks for all you do and Happy Holidays!

  2. Todd says:

    I can’t believe David didn’t answer the Turkish prison question! Nice one Matt.

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