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April 11, 2013

I’ve been so busy chasing my tail and making excuses for not posting anything about the new website (the one so many of you helped to make happen) that I finally ran out of them and I’m starting to get off my butt and taking care of business.

First things first, the t-shirts arrived a little while ago and are finally on their way to their new homes. In fact as I’m writing this many of you have been posting on Twitter they’ve already started arriving.

I’m so happy to see you’re as excited about receiving them as I was to open the box and see them hot and fresh from the printer.

mbw t-shirts

You may have noticed that there continues to be small changes here and there throughout the site, I’m still experimenting with a few small details that I hope will make all the difference in your experience when visiting.

Keep a look out for the website tour video coming very soon. It’ll be me gushing all about what a great bunch of friends I have in all of you for making the website fundraiser such an amazing success!

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  1. Tom Pritchard says:

    I received mine yesterday…thank Matt..

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