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Demo video for the Carter Accu-Right Circle Cutter

January 9, 20156 Comments

While I’m still working on getting the first of the videos prepared for “Madison’s Dresser” I thought I’d share a recent product demo video I produced for the fine folks over at Highland Woodworking. In the video I had an opportunity to try out and show what you can do with the Carter Accu-Right Circle […]

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You dang blade guides!

January 17, 20146 Comments

It was bound to happen sometime, I just hate that I didn’t catch it earlier! Thankfully though nothing was messed up that couldn’t be adjusted. “What happened” you’re asking? Since working on the platform bed project, I’ve been using my bandsaw a lot more than I have in the past. In fact, I’ve probably resawn […]

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514 Platform Bed No. 3 “The legs have it”

November 17, 20131 Comment

It doesn’t matter how amazing the joinery or how beautiful the stock is that I’m working with, if this bed doesn’t have a decent set of legs upon which to stand, it’s not worth the effort as far as I’m concerned. At 3-1/2” square, the ideal stock for making these legs might be straight-grain 16/4 […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – George Vondriska

June 30, 20132 Comments

One more trip back to Des Moines Iowa for the 2013 Weekend with WOOD conference. Today’s episode features a class taught by George Vondriska titled “Logs to lumber”. Wondering what the class was all about? The title isn’t a funny play on words, the class was literally a lesson on how to take small to […]

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Carter Log Mill Demo by Morton

May 31, 20133 Comments

After seeing George Vondriska’s demonstration at Weekend with WOOD titled “Logs to Lumber” I’ve been noticing more and more tree trimming happening in my neighborhood. And by “noticing more and more” I mean simply, I’m starting to get the itch a little to try my hand at sawing my own lumber from local fallen trees. […]

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Weekend With WOOD Snippet No. 3

May 21, 20130 Comments

George Vondriska of Woodworkers Guild of America www.wgoa.com was teaching a class at Weekend with WOOD titled “Logs to lumber”. As the name implies it’s about creating your own lumber from logs on a bandsaw. Not the big portable bandsaws (although that’s an option) but instead using a smaller bandsaw that you might have in […]

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Wood Talk No. 121

February 21, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about saw handle angles, traveling for wood, using a Stanley #6 as a jointer plane, the Hock Block Plane Kit, and an HVLP-applied finish for a crib. Around the Web Sent in by Mike Pugh “Hey guys – I seem to remember Marc talking one time about maybe making something […]

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Wood Talk No. 119 “What Glen Huey Always Says”

January 31, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about cherry for a desktop, the ruler trick, stationary sander options, cabinet scrapers vs scraper planes, finishing suggestions for cherry, getting a grippy finish on a fish net, is a ClearVue Cyclone a good idea in a small shop, and special guest J. Leko is here to tell us more […]

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Wood Talk No. 117 “Shop Cat!”

January 17, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws. What’s on the bench? Shannon is starting a new drop-leaf table project and just finished up his creepy church project. Matt is finally using his lathe […]

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Wood Talk No. 109

November 15, 20121 Comment

Wood Talk No. 109 is now posted and waiting for you! On today’s show, we’re talking about bandsaw tuneup, shop music, tools we’d choose if starting over, sharpening, laminated countertops, and organizing tasks during a complicated project. And of course there’s plenty of tangents because you never know where the conversation is going to take […]

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