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491 Resawing options

September 15, 20125 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of resawing lately in my workshop. Not for the purpose of making my own veneers instead it’s all about milling thin stock for the boxes I’m making for my wife’s photography clients (shameless plug…www.shuttersam.com). Resawing thick stock into thinner pieces is a great way to save materials and money too! […]

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Review Show No. 8 – Puzzle Box Magic with Jeff Vollmer

July 29, 20120 Comments

Title: Puzzle Box Magic by Jeff Vollmer Run Time: 2 hours 33 minutes Production Date: 2010 Produced By: Popular Woodworking Price: $12.99 US Buy Now [haiku url=”http://archive.org/download/ReviewShow8-PuzzleBoxMagic/PuzzleBoxMagic.mp3″ title=”Wood Talk Online Review Show”] Download MP3 From the Back of the Case: Jeff Vollmer, the “King of Puzzle Boxes,” unlocks the secrets of making these fun and […]

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Bandsawbladesdirect.com Limited Time Free Shipping

June 5, 20120 Comments

Not so long ago you may have read about Chris Schwarz’s appreciation for the band saw blades he purchased through Bandsawbladesdirect.com, if you haven’t check out his May 10, 2012 blog post “My favorite band saw blade”. Chances are, you’re probably like many other woodworkers who know when Chris is talking about a specific tool, […]

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477 Bandsaw riser block – hindsight

February 12, 201210 Comments

This week we return again to the stack of listener suggested topics and questions that have come in over the years. After bringing the 14″ Steel City band saw into the basement workshop, many of you had questions specifically about the riser block I installed. The obvious benefits of a riser block to a 14″ […]

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Two new titles from Hendrik Varju

September 6, 20112 Comments

The end of summer means only one thing here in the Vanderlist household…BACK TO SCHOOL!!! And back to school doesn’t just apply to the kids. The cooler weather ahead tends to drive us in doors and that’s the perfect place to sit back and watch a couple of new DVD titles being released this week […]

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The Daily Matt No. 47

October 19, 20090 Comments

Not sure the number of this one but it was a busy weekend. Here’s a little conversation about the bandsaw.

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The Daily Matt No. 31

September 15, 20090 Comments

Follow up from viewers, on the bandsaw.

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The Daily Matt No. 30

September 14, 20090 Comments

Monday morning bandsawing.

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