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Next project down memory lane

May 18, 20151 Comment

Last week I shared one of the many projects I built in the past that I wouldn’t mind if it was lost to the annals of time. )Missed the post? Here’s a link.) This week I’m sharing what was probably my first attempt at a truly functional piece of furniture for the house. Where we […]

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498 Bedside Tables Pt 4

December 16, 20121 Comment

The last few episodes of the Bedside Table build have been all about milling of components for the project and playing around with joinery techniques. It’s time to start the final assembly. The first step is attaching the dust frames and shelves to the sides. We have a lot of joinery options to get the […]

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497 Bedside Tables Pt 3

December 2, 20127 Comments

At this point in the project, I’ve milled all the components I need to get things started for the joinery work so it’s time to move on. The first task to tackle is cutting the dovetails that will join the top front and back rails to the legs. Both of these components will be dovetailed […]

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