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Bell Forest Exotic Cutoffs for Small Projects

March 28, 20130 Comments

I was trying to decide which woods I wanted to try to make some more rings from and since the size of the blanks I need aren’t very large I thought I’d take a chance on one of the Exotic Wood Cutoffs boxes from Bell Forest Products. When I got home from work and opened […]

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Free Shipping From Bell Forest?

May 26, 20121 Comment

If you’re still on the fence about whether ordering lumber online and having it shipped directly to your shop is a good idea, here’s an offer worth trying. The guys over at Bell Forest Products are offering free shipping on orders over $99.00 in the Contiguous US and free shipping on orders over $250.00 in […]

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2012 Audience Survey ends soon

April 2, 20120 Comments

SURVEY HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING. Thank you to all of you who have been so generous as to take the 2012 Audience Survey so far, the information we’ve gathered will be helpful in my attempts to convince advertisers that Matt’s Basement Workshop is a good investment for their advertising dollars. Of course […]

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481 Building a Hock Smoothing kit pt 1

March 25, 20129 Comments

Today’s episode is the first in a two (maybe three) part build series featuring the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Previously we had such success building the Hock Shoulder Plane it only seemed like a great idea to come back and build this kit. Just like before, all the materials for successfully building […]

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476 Which shoulder plane?

February 5, 20123 Comments

Today’s episode is the first of a series answering many of the questions and topic suggestions you the audience have sent me over the last 6 years. I frequently get questions regarding choosing tools, stock, projects and great feedback on things we’ve already covered. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance, all that often, to take […]

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470 Super simple box

November 20, 201120 Comments

I mentioned on a recent episode of Wood Talk Online Radio I was building some small boxes for my wife Samantha’s photography business –Shuttersam.com. The boxes are best described as being nothing more than a “Super simple box”. No extravagant ornamentation, no exotic species and no complicated joinery. The idea was a plain box that […]

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465 Bell Forest Paddle Cutting Board

September 18, 20117 Comments

The holiday season is practically knocking on our doors and it’s the perfect time to start thinking of projects for loved ones and friends. Who doesn’t love receiving a gift you know was made with their own two hands? I know my family does, and up until this year they’ve been sadly disappointed in the […]

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464 Building the Benchcrafted Moxon Vise

September 12, 20114 Comments

Summer might as well be officially over. The kids are back in school, the warmest days are now almost equal to the coldest nights from just a month ago and I’m heading back into the shop with the video camera to start building more great stuff to share with all of you. Yes, I’d say […]

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BORA 24″ Clamp Edge Giveaway

August 29, 20110 Comments

This is the final drawing for the “BORA 24″ Wide Track Clamp Giveaway”. I want to give a huge thanks to the very generous folks at BORA for making this possible. Congrats also to ALL of our previous winners over the past month and a half. With the podcast season just about to get back […]

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463 Walls of Shelves Pt. 5

August 7, 201112 Comments

It’s the final episode in the “Walls of Shelves” series. In today’s episode I’m applying a veneer edge banding to the exposed edges of the shelving units and ALL the shelves that go with them. Unlike in previous builds where I’ve opted to use solid edge banding, this time I’m turning to the pre-glued version. […]

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