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Make & Model Envy

August 2, 20110 Comments

When I was growing up there were two things every boy knew; baseball stats and cars. I knew how to play baseball (sort of) I could throw, catch and hit a ball but other than that I was an amazing benchwarmer and “Big League Chew” consumer. When it came to cars, I wasn’t much different. […]

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462 Walls of Shelves Pt. 4

July 22, 201113 Comments

So far in the “Walls of Shelves” series you’ve seen me working on some rather straight forward, basic shelving units. Along with these regular pieces, the client had asked if I could build a corner shelving unit for them also. The corner piece isn’t all that different from the other units except for the curved […]

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I forgot what???

May 31, 20116 Comments

Boy am I red-faced! Not because I’m angry those Jersey Shore kids are crashing police cars in Italy, but instead because I completely dropped the ball for the month of May. How is that? Well, each month we have a schwag drawing and giveaway great prizes to some lucky entrants who happen to submit their […]

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Welcome Bell Forest Products to Matt’s Basement Workshop

March 3, 20110 Comments

If you’ve been following the show for any length of time you’ve probably heard me talk about my experience with some amazing domestic exotics. Domestic exotics? That’s right! We’re talking cherry, poplar, walnut and even maple. Pretty much anything that’s not pine (although I do love working with pine too). Living in Michigan I’m lucky […]

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