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557 The New Workbench is Here!

January 14, 201714 Comments

For years I’ve been saying I was going to build a new workbench for the basement workshop, and after just as many years of not doing it, it’s finally happened! The “design” of the bench is simple, and the dimensions are perfect for a smaller shop like mine considering the goal turned from making a […]

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290 The New Workbench Top

August 5, 20082 Comments

The new workbench top is in place and it not only looks great but it works great too. A nice flat surface, easy to attach accessories and jigs and of course when it gets to messed up…off with the old and on with the new. Thanks for all the feedback so far, keep it a […]

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289 A New Workbench Top

August 4, 20080 Comments

Not so long ago my workbench’s top was the perfect surface for almost all of my needs. It’s always been a little short, but the weight was perfect for handplaning. When I discovered how unflat it’s become in the last few weeks it was clear it needed to be replaced. The question on my mind […]

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