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Old tools made new

February 15, 20165 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an “old tool” and made any attempt at restoring it. Early in my woodworking career it was a great way to outfit my shop with tools I either needed, or thought I needed (in other words, feed my addiction!) One problem I ran into frequently was that […]

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Jointer & Planer Knives “the question”

April 4, 201316 Comments

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions regarding whether or not I sharpen my jointer and or thickness planer blades myself. And my usual response is “I don’t do it myself” if anything I send them out to be sharpened. There’s a whole list of reasons why, but at the heart of it is […]

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Review Show No. 8 – Puzzle Box Magic with Jeff Vollmer

July 29, 20120 Comments

Title: Puzzle Box Magic by Jeff Vollmer Run Time: 2 hours 33 minutes Production Date: 2010 Produced By: Popular Woodworking Price: $12.99 US Buy Now [haiku url=”http://archive.org/download/ReviewShow8-PuzzleBoxMagic/PuzzleBoxMagic.mp3″ title=”Wood Talk Online Review Show”] Download MP3 From the Back of the Case: Jeff Vollmer, the “King of Puzzle Boxes,” unlocks the secrets of making these fun and […]

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Bandsawbladesdirect.com Limited Time Free Shipping

June 5, 20120 Comments

Not so long ago you may have read about Chris Schwarz’s appreciation for the band saw blades he purchased through Bandsawbladesdirect.com, if you haven’t check out his May 10, 2012 blog post “My favorite band saw blade”. Chances are, you’re probably like many other woodworkers who know when Chris is talking about a specific tool, […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 8

August 17, 20113 Comments

One reason I really enjoy woodworking is because wood is very forgiving. I make a lot of mistakes when I’m working on a project, I know shouldn’t admit that, but I do. Even when I slightly mar a piece that was intended to be placed in the most obvious location, chances are there’s a way […]

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434 Replacement Blades and Chipbreakers

June 14, 20100 Comments

The quickest and easiest way to improve an old hand plane is to swap out the original blade and maybe even the chipbreaker. Not that there’s anything truly wrong with the original pieces, other than a little surface rust and maybe a nick or two, but if you were to hold the new old and […]

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