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The Daily Matt No. 86

March 31, 20100 Comments

It’s time to wrap up our discussion of the block planes. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions and explained the how’s and why’s of using the block plane. It’s an important tool for all kinds of woodshops; powertool, handtool or hybrid. Regardless of whether it’s a low-angle or standard angle block plane, the block plane is […]

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The Daily Matt No. 85

March 28, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode for The Daily Matt is a quick demo of the basic tasks in my own workshop that the block plane takes care of for me. They’re very simple tasks, but almost no other plane does them as well. It’s easy to manipulate the plane to do what I need and get the results […]

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The Daily Matt No. 84

March 24, 20100 Comments

While I had originally planned for today’s episode to be a look at the different ways I use my block plane, but what I decided to do instead for was to demonstrate how and what I prefer to tweak on a block plane when it’s needed. Just like with any other tool, there are some […]

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The Daily Matt No. 82

March 17, 20100 Comments

Continuing along with the discussion on block planes, today’s episode is an overview of some of the features I consider important in a block plane. Whether it’s the overall size of the body, the angle of the bed or something as simple as the feel of the front knob. Hopefully the things we talk about […]

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The Daily Matt No. 81

March 14, 20101 Comment

Block planes are small but extremely versatile tools that fit into your shop regardless of whether your a powertool user or a handtool user. Block planes fall in the family of bench planes and can be used for just about every job from rough to finish. There is some confusion about the standard and low-angle […]

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Freehand Roundovers with the Block Plane

March 9, 20080 Comments

Not only is freehand chamfering easy, as we described on Monday, but freehanding a roundover is quick and easy also. The technique is quick and simple to learn, and with a little practice your roundovers can look as good or even better than those you can make with your router. |Download Audio File||Download Video File|

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My Favorite Block Plane

February 27, 20080 Comments

I thought I would share a few thoughts with you on my favorite block plane. Currently my go to block plane for everything from cleaning up end grain to smoothing out those hard to reach areas is my Veritas Low-Angle block plane. I’ve had a few others before, and still reach for my Stanley 60-1/2 […]

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