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549 Turned Bottle Opener

July 30, 20152 Comments

The beauty of owning a lathe is being able to turn small scraps of wood into fun little projects. Typically these are quick & easy to make and something friends and family love to receive as gifts (or that you can sell to customers rather than burning in a fire pit with the rest of […]

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527 Another bottle opener?

July 11, 20144 Comments

Short of having a bottle opener in every room of the house I don’t really have a need for another one. But when inspiration strikes, who am I to stand in its way? So on today’s episode we’re making another bottle opener. Except this time, I know for a fact you can easily find this […]

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Rosewood Bottle Opener from Scraps

January 10, 20149 Comments

At the beginning of the year I try to take the time to clean up the shop. Maybe even toss a few scraps that I know I’ll never use…regardless of how many things I try to convince myself I can make from them. And this year is no exception, as painful as it can be! […]

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