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The Highland Woodworker Episode 2

June 8, 20126 Comments

Have you seen the second episode of “The Highland Woodworker” yet? If you haven’t…then I should’ve posted this much earlier! In this, the second installment of the show, host Charles Brock takes us on a trip to visit with famed chair maker Brian Boggs. Charles and Brian have a great conversation about Brian’s early days […]

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312 Review of Brian Boggs DVD from Lie-Nielsen

September 25, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone today’s Feature Friday is a review of another great Lie-Nielsen title. This time we have Brian Boggs and“Drawknives, Spokeshaves and Travishers–A Chairmaker’s Tool Kit” Part of the reason I’ve chosen this title is because of my recent desire to learn how to use a spokeshave properly. And who else would be better to […]

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