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525 Bathroom cabinet part 4 “Skinny legged base”

June 14, 20147 Comments

I’ve finally navigated my way through the quagmire that is “the loose ends” of the final steps to completing a project. It was a rough trail with a few pitfalls along the way. But regardless of the route I took to get here, the final video of the bathroom cabinet project is complete. In today’s […]

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522 Bathroom cabinet part 1

April 5, 201422 Comments

My next big project is already underway, a “commission” piece for an old neighbor. After they did a little bathroom renovation, there’s now a need for a cabinet that can store towels and all those things you don’t necessarily want hanging out making the place look all cluttered. The cabinet itself is a pretty good […]

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401 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Finale

December 14, 20092 Comments

Today’s show is the final episode in our Samantha’s Bookcase construction series. This was my first effort involving premium plywood and the end result was great! The Cherry Plywood combined with a solid Cherry wood edging created a beautiful piece that has a prominent spot in our living room today. In this episode we’ll complete […]

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387 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt.1

October 9, 20096 Comments

After a long delay and a few stops and stutters my wife’s bookcase is finally completed. It’s a simple design with a base and hutch. I decided to use plywood for the majority of the components, as cutting wider pieces is so much easier with sheet goods. But instead of the usual home center plywood […]

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