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419 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt.5

March 18, 20102 Comments

Today’s episode is the 5th part of the series on the Child’s dresser. We’ve jumped ahead a little bit as in real time I started to fall behind so I did some assembly work with the camera off. I’m trying to document as much as I can on these projects, but occasionally things kind of […]

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406 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt. 2

January 25, 20102 Comments

Today’s episode is part 2 of the child’s dresser build project. We spend some time milling up the stock for the legs, jointing and thickness planing. While the majority of this task was completed with my power tools, part of my hybrid woodworker work habits, there is the occassional component that can only be handled […]

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281 Child’s Bookcase Episode 4

June 24, 20080 Comments

Time for the next installment of the Child’s Bookcase Project. We’re nearing the completion of the project and in today’s episode I demonstrate resawing and shiplapping of stock for the back. I can’t say enough about how easy the resawing went with my WoodSlicer Resaw Blade from Highland Woodworking. If you’re in the market for […]

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