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Chisels and gouges 101 from Fix.com

June 6, 20140 Comments

Infographics are a great way to share information, here’s one from the folks at fix.com. Source: Fix.com Help support the show – please visit our advertisers

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517 Platform Bed No. 6 “A place to lay down”

January 19, 201411 Comments

We’re FINALLY moving forward with the platform bed. After this round of construction it actually resembles a place you could lay down and take a snooze. In today’s episode we construct the platform itself. A simple mitered frame that gets attached to the “undercarriage” and a series of slats to keep the mattress from falling […]

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I wish I had this much sharpening information years ago!

August 2, 20130 Comments

I remember being all excited when I got my first set of chisels and then that excitement being dashed against the wall when I discovered they didn’t come razor sharp (or any kind of sharp for that reason). I won’t even describe what happened when I found out the truth about hand plane blades! Whether […]

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340 Using Western Chisels at Woodworking in America

December 18, 20080 Comments

While at the Woodworking in America conference I had a chance to attend a couple of great classes on using Western style chisels for more than chopping and paring. The first class was taught by Adam Cherubini the author of the Arts & Mysteries column and blog at Popular Woodworking. Adam introduced us to the […]

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Honing and Sharpening Chisel and Hand Plane Blades

August 19, 20070 Comments

The much awaited sharpening episode is here. Whether you use stones or sandpaper it’s all the same technique! Download Video File

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