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David Picciuto and the X-Carve by Inventables

April 15, 20150 Comments

Have you seen the Drunken Woodworker – David Picciuto’s introduction to the new X-Carve CNC from Inventables yet? David did a short video demonstrating one of the many things you can do with the X-Carve in your own shop. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment to check it out. It’s pretty cool! […]

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Toolstoday.com – “Water Cabinet Doors” CNC Project

March 12, 20142 Comments

This project reminds me a lot of an amazingly beautiful art piece I saw at the 2013 Art Prize in Grand Rapids Michigan titled “Grand” by Sophia Collier. Of course, that piece wasn’t meant to be touched like this one. In fact there were a few times I think the security guards spent most of […]

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“The Kerf Chair”

February 7, 201412 Comments

Is using a CNC machine in a woodshop cheating? I guess that depends on your definition of cheating when it comes to woodworking? After all some woodworkers would insist anything with a power cord definitely is cheating! While all of you debate this topic, I thought I’d share this recent video I found on the […]

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