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291 DVD Review – Hand Tool Techniques Pt. 3

August 7, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone I had a chance not so long ago to review another of the David Charlesworth titles produced by Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. In Part 3 of the Hand Tool Techniques series we’re introduced to one of the most important jigs in the hand tool workshop, the shooting board. A very basic and easy to use […]

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270 DVD Review – David Charlesworth’s “Hand Tool Techniques Pt.2 – Hand Planing”

May 29, 20080 Comments

It’s Feature Friday and today we’re reviewing another great title from Lie-Nielsen. This is part 2 of the David Charlesworth series on hand planes. If you’re wondering how to use a hand plane to get nearly dead flat edges, faces and more this is the DVD to get you started. Pickup your copy at Highland […]

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