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The Daily Matt No.77

February 17, 20102 Comments

For today’s episode we have a question from a listener regarding how to adjust the blade of a wooden bodied plane. As I had discussed earlier, wooden bodied planes don’t have mechanical adjusters like their metal-bodied cousins. But adjusting them is practically just as easy. All it takes for quick adjustments is a small hammer […]

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The Daily Matt No.75

February 10, 20101 Comment

Today let’s talk about wooden bodied hand planes. While the majority of us these days are only familiar with metal-bodied planes, the wooden version are just as usable and give equally amazing results when properly tuned. Is there a big difference in the shop when using them? With the limited experience I’ve had, they perform […]

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380 Back to WIA

September 10, 20090 Comments

In today’s episode we’re heading back to Woodworking in America’s Design and Construction conference to check out some snippets from Brian Bogg’s “Composing with Wood Grain” and Robert Lang’s “Arts and Crafts: The Unadorned Truth”. Deciding on which footage would make the cut was perhaps one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Both […]

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379 Meet DL Barrett & Sons Toolworks

September 7, 20091 Comment

As part of “Try it Tuesday” I’d like to introduce some of you to Dan and Kyle Barrett of DL Barrett & Sons Toolworks. Dan and Kyle were one of the vendors at WIA this year and after seeing Kyle’s work being featured on Woodworking Magazine’s blog I knew I had to meet them. DL […]

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