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“Party Tray” for a good cause with WWMM

May 16, 20150 Comments

Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals is helping to raise donations for the Make-A-Wish Foundation by auctioning off the version of his “Unique Snack Serving Tray” he built on WWMM this week. It looks like a fun little project and is a great excuse to get in the shop and spend some time building […]

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T-shirts away…

April 11, 20131 Comment

I’ve been so busy chasing my tail and making excuses for not posting anything about the new website (the one so many of you helped to make happen) that I finally ran out of them and I’m starting to get off my butt and taking care of business. First things first, the t-shirts arrived a […]

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Website Fund Raiser for Matt’s Basement Workshop

February 2, 20132 Comments

It’s never easy asking for financial assistance from anyone, especially family and friends, but in the seven years since I posted the first episode of Matt’s Basement Workshop a lot of things have changed. Recording equipment, cameras, hosting services, shop set-ups and even the tools and projects I’ve used and built over that same time. […]

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