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517 Platform Bed No. 6 “A place to lay down”

January 19, 201411 Comments

We’re FINALLY moving forward with the platform bed. After this round of construction it actually resembles a place you could lay down and take a snooze. In today’s episode we construct the platform itself. A simple mitered frame that gets attached to the “undercarriage” and a series of slats to keep the mattress from falling […]

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468 WIA lectures pt 2

October 24, 20110 Comments

As promised, today’s episode is the second of two episodes featuring selected clips from some of the classes I attended at Woodworking in America 2011. There were a lot of great classes to choose from and the lecturers were equally fantastic. In today’s episode I’ve included clips from Megan Fitzpatrick’s “Your first dovetails”, Charles Brock’s […]

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466 WIA 2011 marketplace visit

October 10, 20113 Comments

Regardless of how many times I’ve been to Woodworking in America the one place that gets all my attention, and apparently that of the vast majority of show visiters, is the Marketplace. Where else will you find some of the most unique tool makers in the woodworking world all under one roof? Not only can […]

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325 The Dovetail Trials or “How I practiced cutting some pins and tails”

November 2, 20080 Comments

Practice has always made for better results, so I’ve decided to keep practicing my dovetail techniques. I’m onto attempt No.6 and the going is getting better. Soon I’ll be moving onto to other joinery techniques too…maybe??? Download Video File

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