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546 The Drillnado hits the basement workshop

May 22, 20157 Comments

I’ve been trying to distance myself further and further away from product reviews. Since they consist entirely of opinions they can be a little tricky to pull off successfully. This is especially true if you’ve had plenty of time to try the item out and can navigate your way around it like a seasoned pro, […]

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Drill Press dust collection? Yes, please!

February 28, 20140 Comments

I’ve had a link available at the top of the homepage to this project from the minds at the Steel City Tool Works blog but just in case you haven’t seen it yet here’s an opportunity for you to check it out. I had heard a while ago that Callum had been working on something […]

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Wood Talk No. 109

November 15, 20121 Comment

Wood Talk No. 109 is now posted and waiting for you! On today’s show, we’re talking about bandsaw tuneup, shop music, tools we’d choose if starting over, sharpening, laminated countertops, and organizing tasks during a complicated project. And of course there’s plenty of tangents because you never know where the conversation is going to take […]

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Shop quick tip and announcement

September 9, 20120 Comments

Great news! That momentary interruption I was talking about is coming to an end sooner than I anticipated. The adjustment to the new school year is going great and we’re practically back to a regular schedule. So this means it’s time for me to get off my butt and start producing new content. A new […]

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Winter is no time for a dusty shop!

January 19, 20120 Comments

Winter is well underway and now that the threat of being snowed in for a few days is a reality, I start thinking more and more about spending quality time in the shop. Especially considering the furnace is smack dab in the middle of mine, it IS the warmest place in the house Of course […]

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389 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt 2

October 15, 20095 Comments

In the last episode of Samantha’s Bookcase project, we covered ripping sheets of plywood to their rough sizes. For a small shop this can be a daunting task, but not impossible if you plan it correctly. A big part of my planning is not worrying about taking the cuts to their final dimensions yet, but […]

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387 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt.1

October 9, 20096 Comments

After a long delay and a few stops and stutters my wife’s bookcase is finally completed. It’s a simple design with a base and hutch. I decided to use plywood for the majority of the components, as cutting wider pieces is so much easier with sheet goods. But instead of the usual home center plywood […]

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352 Surface Prep with Hendrik

March 18, 20093 Comments

I had originally planned on releasing this episode this weekend, but I decided “why wait?” Today’s visit with Hendrik we start a “mini-series” where we discuss some of the basics of staining and finishing our projects. This episode is regarding surface preparation prior to finishing. An important step that most of us would much rather […]

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351 Minimize the Dust

March 13, 200919 Comments

In today’s episode I share with you a few ideas on ways to minimize the amount of sawdust that escapes your shop and spreads throughout the whole house. I promise they’re really easy and your family and home will thank you for thinking of them…or at least complain a little less than before?? Afterall sawdust […]

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