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George Walker’s “Unlocking the secrets of traditional design”

January 14, 20153 Comments

After my post on Monday about “re-dimensioning” versus “designing” I’ve been trying to think of additional resources for anyone interested in learning more about different ways to achieve something similar. At this point I’m open to new ideas, but I’ve been having such good luck with what I’m doing (right or wrong) that I don’t […]

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The Review Show No. 15 “9 Essential Woodworking Joints with Craig Ruegsegger”

May 29, 20130 Comments

Title: 9 Essential Woodworking Joints with Craig Ruegsegger Run Time: 93 Minutes Production Date: 2011 Produced By: WOOD Magazine Price: $19.95 DVD/$15.95 Download From the Back of the Case In this video you’ll learn: How to properly drill a screw joint and then hide it Accurate miter cutting methods (and three ways of reinforcing them) […]

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Review Show No. 11 George Walker’s “Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design”

January 30, 20130 Comments

This week Marc and Matt are reviewing the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks title “Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design” by George Walker. Title: Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design Run Time: 68 minutes Production Date: 2009 Produced By: Lie-Neilsen Toolworks Price: $25.00 US From the Back of the Case: Furniture is pleasing to the eye when various […]

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The Review Show No. 10 – David Marks “Double Bevel Marquetry”

January 23, 20130 Comments

That’s right folks, the DVD Review Show with Marc and Matt is back once again. And to get things started we’re reviewing David Marks “Double Bevel Marquetry”. Title: Double Bevel Marquetry Run Time: 90 minutes Production Date: 2012 Produced By: David Marks Price: $34.95 US From the Back of the Case: If you have ever […]

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Review show no. 6 “Build the 21st-century workbench” with Robert W. Lang

January 9, 20120 Comments

Title: Build the 21st Century Workbench Run Time: 56 Minutes Production Date: 2008 Produced By: Popular Woodworking Price: $19.99 US Download MP3 [haiku url=”http://www.archive.org/download/WtoReviewShow-21stCenturyWorkbench/21st_century.mp3″ title=”Wood Talk Online Review Show”] From the Back of the Case: This new workbench from Robert W. Lang combines the best workholding devices and ideas from a number of historic bench […]

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320 Pt 2 of October’s Visit with Hendrik Varju

October 21, 20080 Comments

Here’s part 2 of this month’s talk with Hendrik Varju, where we’re discussing his new DVD “Revelations on Table Saw Set-up & Safety”. Qoute from Hendrik on his new DVD: Given the nature of the table saw and all of the inherent dangers of using one, I did not feel comfortable putting out an incomplete […]

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