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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 9

August 24, 20111 Comment

For creating beautiful custom-made picture frames one way to reinforce the corner miter joints is to use mechanical fasteners. Whether it’s brad nails or specialized joint fasteners, they can quickly and easily strength the miters. But they don’t add anything to the overall look of the frame, nothing that could make your frames stand out […]

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Mid-Week Tool Sneak Peek No. 4

July 20, 20111 Comment

Here’s another batch of tools to checkout. Hope something catches your eye! Have you been looking for a good miter saw? Not one that’s loud and throws sawdust all over the place? Highland Woodworking carries just the answer, the Nobex Champion Miter Saw. I know this model very well as I happen to own and […]

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Mid-Week Tool Sneak Peek No. 3

July 13, 20116 Comments

Here’s another batch of tools to checkout. Hope something catches your eye! Highland Woodworking is carrying The Rikon Mini Lathe. This package was featured in our “Father’s Day Gift Guide”, but well worth mentioning again. * Rikon has created a lathe with an impressive 12″ swing and 16″ between centers. * Increase the bed length […]

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Mid-week Tool Sneak Peek No. 2

June 29, 20112 Comments

Here’s another batch of tools to checkout. Hope something catches your eye! Highland Woodworking is now carrying Easy Wood Tools “Full Rougher” The Easy Wood Tools Full Rougher comes with the 1/2″ Ci1 R4 Radiused Square Finishing Cutter and can also use the 1/2″ Ci1 Square Roughing Cutter. * Carbide cutting tips come in 3 […]

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Mid-Week Tool Sneak Peek No. 1

June 22, 20114 Comments

It’s Wednesday and for me the week is half over. Typically this is the day where I know if the week is going to end good or bad. I often need a little distraction at this point to help me get ready to push my way through to the weekend and nothing does that better […]

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452 Walnut Buffet Pt 2

February 18, 20116 Comments

In the second part of the construction of our friend’s Walnut Buffet we’ve completed the construction of the carcass that makes up the majority of the project. From this point forward it’s now a matter of adding pieces of the structural details. The dividers between the doors and drawers, the boxes for the drawers, the […]

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Eagle America’s Most Wanted Router Bits

January 27, 20111 Comment

Did you see this great deal on router bits at Eagle America? When it comes to router bits, there are some that are nice to have and others you simply must have! These include the notorious Bit Gang of Straights, Spirals, Pattern Cutters and Flush Trims. So from now until March 31, 2011 you can […]

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Out With The Scary and In With The Awwww!

November 2, 20100 Comments

I can’t believe the end of the year is right around the corner. There are now less than 60 shopping days left until Christmas is upon us. Not only does this mean you need to start putting together your wish list (start folding those catalog pages everyone) but it’s also time for the holiday parties […]

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Weekly Trip to Eagle America

October 20, 20100 Comments

It’s Wednesday and the folks at Eagle America have posted their latest “Deals of the Week”. You never know what you’ll find in the lineup but there’s a good chance there’s at least one or two items you can’t live without. Of course Eagle America has so much more than just what you’ll find on […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No.53

June 15, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Eric Reed for “The Cutting Edge” Blog at Eagle America. It’s titled “Woodworking and Hannah Montana” and was originally posted December 17, 2009. To read more great post like this, visit “The Cutting Edge” at http://blog.eagleamerica.com Click to Play Download Audio File Do you have a blog post or article […]

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