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558 Utensil Drawer Organizer “Forks, spoons and knives…oh my!”

February 5, 20174 Comments

It’s easy to be inspired in the kitchen to make something, and I’m not just referring to food either (okay, maybe I am just a little.) Items for use in the kitchen are popular projects, not only with our spouses but often with family and friends. My wife Samantha has a long list of things […]

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The “New” Woodworker’s Guide to Sketchup with Bob Lang Giveaway

May 30, 201530 Comments

It’s hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago when I first reviewed “The Woodworker’s Guide to Sketchup” by Bob Lang, fast forward to today and I just recently received the latest updated and revised version which I can’t wait to dive into. When the original version came out in 2010 Bob had been […]

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Time well spent at the magazine stand

May 8, 20152 Comments

Before I get started, no one should take this post as a knock against woodworking magazines or other woodworking content creators, it’s more of an observation about my own journey than anything else. The other day I was involved in a little discussion about magazines and other informational resources. I don’t remember exactly how it […]

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July 18, 20135 Comments

In case you haven’t listened to the latest episode of Wood Talk, part of the discussion with my co-hosts was in regards to books that “inspire us”. I’m not ashamed to admit it (okay, maybe a little) but I almost didn’t have any titles to share. In fact the only one worth mentioning was my […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – Gary Rogowski

June 24, 20132 Comments

Another trip back to Des Moines, Iowa this week. The ‘Weekend with WOOD‘ conference was a wealth of information for all the attendees, especially myself. High on my list of classes were anything that had to do with finishing. When I saw Gary Rogowski was to be teaching a finishing class I knew I had […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – The Montage

June 10, 20133 Comments

This week I’m on vacation with the family and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the footage I recorded at the 1st ever Weekend with WOOD earlier this year. There’s 5 videos in total, starting today with a little montage featuring the location of the conference and some of […]

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My upcoming “Weekend with WOOD”

April 19, 20132 Comments

I’m a little less than a month away from heading to the offices of WOOD Magazine for the first ever “Weekend with WOOD” woodworking experience. WOOD Magazine was probably the first magazine dedicated to woodworking that I ever picked up from the newstand. It was the first one I purchased a subscription for and I […]

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I’m Going to the Weekend With WOOD Event ARE YOU?

March 1, 20130 Comments

If you haven’t heard about the “Weekend with WOOD” event coming up the weekend of May 17-19, 2013 you may still have time to snag a seat…maybe even right next to me! This is a limited seat woodworking event being put on by the staff of WOOD Magazine and it looks like it’s going to […]

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WIA 2012 Pasadena Bound

October 11, 20120 Comments

The first of the two Woodworking in America 2012 Conferences get underway this weekend in Pasadena California. If you’re planning on attending I hope you’ve made your arrangements because there’s a good chance this thing is going to get crazy…well as crazy as woodworkers can get! With speakers specific to the West Coast conference there’s […]

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