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Wood Talk Online No.64

December 18, 20090 Comments

Questions or Comments?You can get a hold of us by either dropping us an email at woodtalkonline@gmail.com or you can pick up the phone and leave us a message on our voice mail at 623-242-2450. What’s on the Bench: Marc – The new Green & Greene frame project. Designing and pushing the limits. Dealing with […]

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Wood Talk Online No. 59

September 27, 20090 Comments

What’s on the Bench? Marc had more electrical work done in his shop and the new garage is starting to look like a shop. He’s currently cannibalizing old cabinets and using them for storage under the extension wing. He’s also teaching two classes in January at the William Ng School. Matt finally completed Samantha’s bookcase […]

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383 Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit

September 21, 20090 Comments

We almost missed it this month, but it’s better late than never I say! It’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!!! And this month we’re taking a look at Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit, a simple little slot cutting profile that includes 3 different sized bearings making it easy for you to cut mating joints […]

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382 Hendrik’s Busy Summer and More

September 17, 20091 Comment

Hi everyone! Our very own guest expert Hendrik Varju is back for another visit and today were sitting down to talk about his busy summer. Between seminar appearances and having an entire dust collection system custom installed in his shop Hendrik somehow managed to find time for summer fun and producing two new instructional DVDs. […]

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381 Meet Czeck Edge Hand Tools!

September 14, 20090 Comments

I love getting behind the scenes with, and meeting the makers of today’s premium hand tools. Of course when we think of “premium hand tools” a few companies come to mind immediately, and one of those I was excited to see was going to be at WIA St. Charles was Czeck Edge Hand Tools. Bob […]

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378 Woodworking in America – Design & Construction Pt 1

September 3, 20093 Comments

As promised, I’m starting to post footage from the recent Woodworking in America Design & Construction conference in St. Charles, IL. For the next few weeks we’ll see short snippets of the classes I was able to attend to give you an idea of what it was like to be there, and also perhaps to […]

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377 Try It Tuesdays – Dewalt Track Saw

September 1, 20092 Comments

Let’s admit it, track saws are pretty sweet tools. It’s hard for me to imagine a home woodworker who doesn’t have a circular saw up on the shelf that gets used primarily for breaking down sheet goods. And while they’re worth their weight in exotic lumber (for me that’s Pennsylvania Cherry), they have their limitations. […]

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376 I’m Back!

August 30, 20091 Comment

With the Labor Day holiday only a week away here in the States and the start of school for the vast majority of our kids just as close. There’s no getting around the fact that summer is coming to an end. But on the bright side that also means the summer hiatus of Matt’s Basement […]

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AWFS “Fresh Wood” Student Competition Winners

July 26, 20090 Comments

Congrats to this year’s “Fresh Wood” student competition winners! Students from the High School level to College design and construction compete every year and the results are amazing. The work these students do is outstanding and in all honesty make me want to be a better woodworker!! Enjoy the pictures.

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374 Day 2 at AWFS

July 22, 20092 Comments

Day 2 of AWFS was just as exciting as Day 1. The day started out with a monorail ride to the venue and to my surprise the guy standing in front of me was Joe Harmon, the builder of Splinter. We had a chance to talk a little as we walked in the Convention Center […]

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