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Christophe Pourny’s “The Furniture Bible”

February 17, 20150 Comments

I’m so far behind on getting something posted about Christophe Pourny’s new reference book “The Furniture Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture” that I’m surprised the publisher hasn’t shown up in my shop to beat me with it! And with good reason too, because after finally sitting down […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – Gary Rogowski

June 24, 20132 Comments

Another trip back to Des Moines, Iowa this week. The ‘Weekend with WOOD‘ conference was a wealth of information for all the attendees, especially myself. High on my list of classes were anything that had to do with finishing. When I saw Gary Rogowski was to be teaching a finishing class I knew I had […]

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Weekend with WOOD – The Jim Heavey Experience

June 12, 20133 Comments

My entire first day of the Weekend with WOOD conference was spent with Jim Heavey in the finishing room. Jim taught 3 classes that day – the first was “Spray Finishing Made Simple”, the second was “Choose and Use the Best Topcoat for Your Project” and the third was “Finishing Your Finish”. Today’s footage is […]

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Great sale price to get started on spray finishing

May 22, 20130 Comments

Thanks to Jim Heavey’s class on Spray Finishing at Weekend with WOOD this past weekend, I’m really looking forward to breaking out my Earlex Spray Station and finally letting it do what it does best…allow me to spray on a finish in half the time it would normally take by hand. If you’ve ever thought […]

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Snippet from Weekend with WOOD

May 18, 20130 Comments

I’ve never been accused of being a tease, but I’ve tried! The first ever Weekend with WOOD is currently underway and I’m about to head out the door to day 2. I was able to get some great clips of Jim Heavey talking about spray finishing, finishing your finish (making it look even better when […]

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My upcoming “Weekend with WOOD”

April 19, 20132 Comments

I’m a little less than a month away from heading to the offices of WOOD Magazine for the first ever “Weekend with WOOD” woodworking experience. WOOD Magazine was probably the first magazine dedicated to woodworking that I ever picked up from the newstand. It was the first one I purchased a subscription for and I […]

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Wood Talk No. 126

March 28, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we blasted through some emails with our 20 Question Quickfire Challenge! Topics ranged from grain direction, to wood selection to dust collection to tool-buying circumspection! QUICK FIRE – 20 Questions in about 1 hour! Chris – “I have a thickness planner, and a shaper that I use to joint edges. Is it […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 221

September 19, 20121 Comment

Today’s episode was written by Dennis Zongker a contributor to Finewoodworking.com. It’s titled “Toning, Staining and Spraying a Polyurethane Finish“ and was originally posted November 13, 2011. To read this post, along with many many more from a wide variety of contributors and authors visit the Finewoodworking.com Blogs at www.finewoodworking.com/blogs. Click to Play Download Audio […]

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Outdoor Projects at Ravinheart Renditions

July 28, 20110 Comments

This month over at Ravinheart Renditions the theme is Outdoor Projects and Andrew has a number host of posts and discussions happening about the topic. Don’t miss his review of the book “Outdoor Furniture – Built to Last” published by Fox Chapel Publishing. Leave a comment on the post at Andrew’s site and get your […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No.57

June 24, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode was written and recorded by the one and only Tom Iovino of Tom’s Workbench. It’s titled “I’m so finished” and was originally posted January 8th, 2008. If you’d like to read this blog post or any of the great articles Tom’s written over the past few years, visit his website at www.tomsworkbench.com. Click […]

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