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Movember donations – Giving it all away!

November 10, 20140 Comments

In honor of the “Movember” (or if you prefer “No shave November”) festivities I thought I’d do my part to help out such a great cause by challenging all of you to a little fundraiser! Starting today and running through November 23, I’ll donate 100% of my earnings on any purchases made through my affiliate […]

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Mere Mortals’ Toy Chest for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer

October 20, 20140 Comments

Because having options on any project (especially one designed as a build-along for charity) is a good thing, I wanted to share with you another very similar version of the toy box being built for the Woodworker’s Fighting Cancer campaign going on right now. Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has a version he […]

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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2014 Campaign

October 18, 20140 Comments

It’s that time of year again: the 2014 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer fundraiser brought to us by The Wood Whisperer Team of Marc & Nicole Spagnuolo. In 2013 Woodworkers Fighting Cancer raised over $14,000. This year the goal is $15,000 and The Wood Whisperer Team is confident they’ll reach it. Over the past few years Woodworkers […]

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Bad Axe Tool Work’s twist on the traditional Memorial Day Sale

May 23, 20140 Comments

Owner of Bad Axe Tool Works, Mark Harrell released their recent newsletter earlier this week with a twist on the typical Memorial Day sale. Not only is Bad Axe Tool Works offering a savings on new custom-made saws, they’re doubling that savings for our Veterans! So what’s the twist? Read for yourself from this snippet […]

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The New & Improved Website Tour

April 14, 201312 Comments

The new website is up and running…obviously…and I have all of you to thank for making this happen. Not just those of you who donated to the fundraiser but to all of you who visit from time-to-time. If you’re a frequent visitor and remember the layout of the old site hopefully you can see a […]

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T-shirts away…

April 11, 20131 Comment

I’ve been so busy chasing my tail and making excuses for not posting anything about the new website (the one so many of you helped to make happen) that I finally ran out of them and I’m starting to get off my butt and taking care of business. First things first, the t-shirts arrived a […]

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Fundraiser Thank You!

March 5, 20130 Comments

It’s officially over and the numbers are in. Thanks to the amazing generosity of all of you that gave to my Fundraiser the original goal was surpassed! The final amount raised was 224.53% of the original goal, a simple THANK YOU seems far too small for how much I appreciate all of you! I’m still […]

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MBW on the Montgomery Manifesto

February 25, 20131 Comment

I wanted to give a big thanks to Mick Montgomery of the Montgomery Manifesto Podcast for asking me on his show to talk a little bit about the success of the recent MBW Fundraiser. By now all of you know I LOVE TO TALK and having an opportunity to have a conversation about the Matt’s […]

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Fundraiser Status Report

February 15, 20130 Comments

Saturday afternoon will mark the second full week of this mind-blowingly successful fundraiser, and I’m absolutely flabbergasted by it’s success. Crowdfunding I don’t know why I’m saying that? After all, time and time again the online woodworking community has heeded the call for help from friends and colleagues alike. You’re always there for the good, […]

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February 4, 20131 Comment

Crowdfunding I am so in shock at the outpouring of support from all of you, and I don’t know why??? After all, whenever I’ve needed your help…or anyone else in our close-knit community needed your help…we’ve been there for each other. This is what makes woodworking such an amazing hobby and way of life, the […]

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