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538 Madison’s Dresser Pt 2 “Sorting the Stacks”

February 12, 20154 Comments

Now that the design, and dimensions of Madison’s Dresser have all been worked out in the planning process it’s time to order the lumber, and sort through the stacks looking for just the right pieces for each component. Given the fact this project is being painted, I’m far less worried about matching colors or grain […]

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537 Madison’s Dresser Pt 1 “Design Talk”

February 5, 20151 Comment

I’m only a few years behind finally building a dresser for my daughter, but it’s just in time for her to graduate from High School in a couple of years and head off to college. In this first episode of a multi-part build series we talk about my own design process, starting from the rough […]

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I have no style!

February 2, 20153 Comments

The title of this post doesn’t comes as a shock to anyone who knows me, especially when it comes to fashion. It’s obvious I’m stuck in a rut and couldn’t be less current on hip clothing if I tried. But in this case I’m referring more specifically to my lack of style when it comes […]

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Furniture design and television

January 30, 20152 Comments

I’m slightly addicted to reality TV, I completely blame my wife for it, but the fact is I keep coming back week after week to tune in. My favorite reality shows these days have more to do with competition than showing simply showing off for the cameras. I can’t recall if it was the first […]

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