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540 Madison’s Dresser Pt 4 “Drawer Frames”

February 27, 20152 Comments

We’re making progress with the 8 drawer tall dresser I’m building for my daughter Madison. In today’s episode we’re moving on to building the drawer frames for the dresser. Drawer frames are a crucial component in the overall body of the dresser, and while most probably won’t notice them in their entirety (other than the […]

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Wood Talk No. 111 is waiting for you!

November 29, 20120 Comments

Wood Talk No. 111 is waiting patiently for you to stop by and say hello… On today’s show, the boys are talking about hide glue and glueups. It’s a show full of sticky situations! The show notes and download can be found by following this link Wood Talk No. 111 “Statistical Rant”. Don’t forget to […]

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