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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 16

November 9, 20111 Comment

Lie-Nielsen’s tapered molding plane iron blanks include 9 blades specifically designed to cover all the widths necessary to create a full set of Hollows and Rounds (18 pairs), and also blanks that can be used to create an almost unlimited number of profile irons for other planes. According to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks’ website “
To accommodate a […]

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434 Replacement Blades and Chipbreakers

June 14, 20100 Comments

The quickest and easiest way to improve an old hand plane is to swap out the original blade and maybe even the chipbreaker. Not that there’s anything truly wrong with the original pieces, other than a little surface rust and maybe a nick or two, but if you were to hold the new old and […]

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