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What I did on my summer vacation…

June 25, 201310 Comments

Funny thing about vacations, I can’t wait for the chance to sleep-in and then all the opportunities for extra shop time. But as most of my vacations go…that’s not even close to what happens. We try to plan a family get away somewhere we all know we’ll have fun, but I can’t help but think […]

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Hock Plane-tuning clinic and Spokeshave building workshop

October 10, 20120 Comments

Hey New York, October 25th 2012 the Hocks are taking the city by storm! It’s a chance for Ron to conduct a plane-tuning clinic and a spokeshave-building workshop at Makeville Studio in Brooklyn during the afternoon and evening of October 25th. For more information on the event including class openings, times, and locations checkout Ron […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 222

September 25, 20120 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Phil Hirz for the Blended Woodworking blog, it’s titled “Use Teeth to Flatten Lumber” and was originally posted September 9, 2010. To find this post and many more covering a wide variety of topics, visit Blended Woodworking at www.blendedwoodworking.com Click to Play Download Audio File Do you have a blog […]

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482 Building a Hock smoothing plane kit pt 2

April 1, 20124 Comments

On today’s episode we wrap up the construction of the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Last week we assembled the pieces, glued it all up and set it aside to dry in the clamps. Today we start the work to make it a fully functioning hand plane. I’ll walk you through one method […]

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481 Building a Hock Smoothing kit pt 1

March 25, 20129 Comments

Today’s episode is the first in a two (maybe three) part build series featuring the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Previously we had such success building the Hock Shoulder Plane it only seemed like a great idea to come back and build this kit. Just like before, all the materials for successfully building […]

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478 Samantha’s Mirror Pt. 1

February 19, 20125 Comments

Today we start a new build project.  We’ve (and by “we” I mean my wife) been in need of a full-length mirror in our bedroom for quite a longtime now. We (this time I mean “us”) finally purchased one not to long ago and I intended to hang it behind the door in our bedroom. […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 16

November 9, 20111 Comment

Lie-Nielsen’s tapered molding plane iron blanks include 9 blades specifically designed to cover all the widths necessary to create a full set of Hollows and Rounds (18 pairs), and also blanks that can be used to create an almost unlimited number of profile irons for other planes. According to Lie-Nielsen Toolworks’ website “
To accommodate a […]

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449 Building A Brese “J”- Style Small Smoother Pt 2

December 9, 20100 Comments

In this episode we’ll wrap up the final assembly of this amazing little smoother plane and I’ll explain the right way to do it, while also explaining WHAT I ended up doing instead. Of course luckily in the end it all came together and works just as well and amazingly as I had hoped and […]

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437 The Smoothing Planes

June 23, 20104 Comments

We wrap up our discussion of the bench planes today with a discussion about Smoothing Planes. Next to the Jack Planes, the smoothers are probably one of the more common planes in the shop. In the Stanley Numbering System, the smoothers are the lowest numbers, 1-4. But you can easily recognize them by their smaller […]

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436 Veritas Jointer Fence

June 21, 20102 Comments

Today’s “Try it Tuesday” is the Veritas Jointer Fence. A great accessory for the hand plane user to help get nice square edges on your stock. Usable with almost all of the bench planes, it attaches to the body via two, strong rare earth magnets. Once attached to a plane, making square edges is a […]

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