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435 Jointer Planes

June 16, 20102 Comments

Moving along with our discussion of bench planes it’s time to take a look at the jointer planes. The jointers are our middle of the road tools. These are the tools we reach for once we’ve taken our stock from it’s rough cut faces and edges, leveled out the big hills and valleys and are […]

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434 Replacement Blades and Chipbreakers

June 14, 20100 Comments

The quickest and easiest way to improve an old hand plane is to swap out the original blade and maybe even the chipbreaker. Not that there’s anything truly wrong with the original pieces, other than a little surface rust and maybe a nick or two, but if you were to hold the new old and […]

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433 Jack Planes “The Rough Ones”

June 9, 20103 Comments

Finally returning to our discussion on hand planes we pick back up by talking about the roughest planes on the bench. The Jack Planes! This class of bench plane falls between the large jointers and the smaller smoothers, but they’re the perfect size for doing rough work without wearing out the user. In the Stanley-Bailey […]

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432 Handplane Screwdriver

June 7, 20100 Comments

Today’s Try it Tuesday is the Lee Valley Handplane Screwdriver. Since the next few episodes will be continuing our discussion of hand planes, it only makes sense we need to cover some tools or accessories that go along with them. The Handplane Screwdriver is one such accessory. Unlike an ordinary screwdriver, the full length slot […]

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Coming up this week…UPDATE!!

April 26, 20100 Comments

APRIL IS OFFICIALLY GOING IN THE BOOKS AS A PODCAST KILLER! SORRY, BUT DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES…NO WOOD TALK ONLINE THIS WEEK. WE’LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S RESCHEDULED. While I’m still getting back in the shop and studio to put together a show for later this week, don’t miss the next Live Wood Talk […]

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423 A Day At The Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Show

April 11, 20106 Comments

We all want to kick the tires before we buy, but when it comes to certain things in life it’s not always possible. Thankfully the folks at Lie-Nielsen understand this and travel across the states and into the great white north to give every woodworker an opportunity to man handle their planes, saws, chisels and […]

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Spring Break Hiatus!!!

April 7, 20100 Comments

Hi everyone, In case you haven’t noticed the slight absence of content so far this week, it’s because I’ve taken a last minute Spring Break Hiatus from the shows (Matt’s Basement Workshop, The Daily Matt and of also The Spoken Wood). I wish I could report I’m sending this post from some sunny beach someplace […]

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The Daily Matt No. 86

March 31, 20100 Comments

It’s time to wrap up our discussion of the block planes. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions and explained the how’s and why’s of using the block plane. It’s an important tool for all kinds of woodshops; powertool, handtool or hybrid. Regardless of whether it’s a low-angle or standard angle block plane, the block plane is […]

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422 Veritas Surface Vise

March 29, 20108 Comments

There are a lot of workbench accessories on the market, but typically they’re either something that needs to be built as part of the workbench top and are nearly permanent components or they’re small useful items, but don’t have much versatility to them. A newer accessory that hit the market in the past year is […]

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The Daily Matt No. 85

March 28, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode for The Daily Matt is a quick demo of the basic tasks in my own workshop that the block plane takes care of for me. They’re very simple tasks, but almost no other plane does them as well. It’s easy to manipulate the plane to do what I need and get the results […]

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