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419 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt.5

March 18, 20102 Comments

Today’s episode is the 5th part of the series on the Child’s dresser. We’ve jumped ahead a little bit as in real time I started to fall behind so I did some assembly work with the camera off. I’m trying to document as much as I can on these projects, but occasionally things kind of […]

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The Daily Matt No. 82

March 17, 20100 Comments

Continuing along with the discussion on block planes, today’s episode is an overview of some of the features I consider important in a block plane. Whether it’s the overall size of the body, the angle of the bed or something as simple as the feel of the front knob. Hopefully the things we talk about […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 24

March 16, 20100 Comments

For today’s episode we have another new contributor. Many of you might already be familiar with him if you’re a member of Twitter or Facebook or if you’re a member of the Wood Whisperer Guild. His name is Brad Ferguson, but you might only know him as Treefrog. Either way, if you do know him […]

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418 The Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge

March 15, 20101 Comment

The guys over at Bora Clamps recently introduced their latest clamping system, the Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge. A straight edge clamp that works very much like a traditional clamp with the added benefit of having a straight edge body attached to it. The beauty of a straight edge clamp is you can attach it […]

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The Daily Matt No. 81

March 14, 20101 Comment

Block planes are small but extremely versatile tools that fit into your shop regardless of whether your a powertool user or a handtool user. Block planes fall in the family of bench planes and can be used for just about every job from rough to finish. There is some confusion about the standard and low-angle […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 19

March 4, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode is titled “I’m A Leg Vise Man” and was written by Christopher Schwarz of the Woodworking Magazine Weblog. It was originally posted August 4th 2009. Click to Play Download Audio File If you haven’t done so yet, subscribe to the Spoken Wood Podcast feed so you won’t miss any upcoming episodes.

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417 Hendrik’s March Question and Answer

March 3, 20101 Comment

Hi everyone, Hendrik is back for the month of March and we’ve decided to do a last minute audience question and answer session. If you missed submitting your question, don’t worry…we’re taking them and setting them aside for more episodes upcoming in the future. Hendrik has back to back Woodworking shows coming up the first […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 18

March 2, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode is the second of the contributions from my fellow podcasting friends. Shannon Rogers the “Renaissance Woodworker”, reads his post “Wood Shaving Therapy” an insightful article that I think all of us can relate too! It was orginally posted on December 3rd 2009. I really enjoy Shannon’s posts and his podcasts also, they’re a […]

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415 February 2010 Schwag Giveaway

February 26, 20100 Comments

It’s the end of February and as the second month of 2010 comes to an end, let’s giveaway some schwag! Thanks to everyone who entered their name for a chance, hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky winners. But if not, rest assured the chance to win again starts all over again in March so […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 16

February 25, 20101 Comment

Today’s episode is titled “Round Like the White Man’s Bullets” written by Christopher Schwarz of Woodworking Magazine Weblog. Originally posted July 9th, 2007. You can find this article or many of the other great articles written by Chris and posted on the Woodworking Magazine Weblog by visiting blog.woodworking-magazine.com. Click to Play Download Audio File If […]

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