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340 Using Western Chisels at Woodworking in America

December 18, 20080 Comments

While at the Woodworking in America conference I had a chance to attend a couple of great classes on using Western style chisels for more than chopping and paring. The first class was taught by Adam Cherubini the author of the Arts & Mysteries column and blog at Popular Woodworking. Adam introduced us to the […]

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296 Hammered

August 19, 20080 Comments

The right tool for the job is crucial. But what do you do when you’re not quite sure which one is the right tool?? Just like with some of the best things in life, ice cream, beer, coffee…hammers come in a variety of styles and sizes. Choosing the right hammer for the job can be […]

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No. 24 Marking tools and using them

August 23, 20060 Comments

Learning to mark our pieces for both the milling and dimensioning of lumber, to the final assembly of the project is an important habit every woodworker should try to establish. ***WARNING: This video was shot in the very early days of my video learning curve. Much of the “action” shots occur just outside of the […]

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Episode No. 12 Hand tools part 2

April 19, 20060 Comments

Hey everyone thanks for checking out the show again, I really appreciate it. This episode is the continuation of the hand tool talk. We talk about the last three categories of hand tools I think no shop should be without. Chisels, hand saws and edged tools such as hand planes. When it comes to chisels […]

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Episode No. 11 Intro to hand tools

April 9, 20060 Comments

Hey everyone thanks for checking out another episode. There appears to be a few more listeners then previously so for those of you who are new to the show welcome. This episode is the first of two, covering the often overlooked but equally important hand tools. A great resource for any and all questions about […]

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