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FullPro’s “SoundVision” eye protection

July 9, 20140 Comments

Protective eyewear is an important piece of equipment in the woodshop. We never think about it until it’s too late. I know I’m guilty of assuming my everyday glasses are more than sufficient protection, but there are definitely operations where you need more. And it’s not just in the woodshop that you need adequate eye […]

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March schwag winners are…

April 1, 20120 Comments

It’s April 1st and while I enjoy a good joke, this isn’t one of them I PROMISE!. Let’s all give a huge CONGRATS to March’s Schwag winners. I’m sending emails out to the winners, so check your inbox if your name is listed below. As always, if you didn’t win this month I’ve already started […]

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263 – Safety Week – Hearing Protection (aka-what’d you say???)

May 6, 20080 Comments

Safety week is well under way and here is my second episode. As I mentioned on Monday, I firmly feel that there are three areas we need to be aware of everytime we walk into the shop. We talked about lung safety on Monday and how there’s more to sawdust danger than explosions and slipping […]

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